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Digimura  is a digital wallcovering option that is perfect for most medium-traffic commercial environments and public spaces. The non-woven fabric backing adds to the wall covering’s stability and ease-of-use because there is no stretch or shrinkage in the printing process meaning that the product can be repositioned during installation without tearing.

The seductively metallic base captures light and bounces it back to deliver a high-impact statement image. This wonderful wallcovering’s contemporary finish makes it perfect for graphics that are aimed at being the centre of attention.
The major features that are a huge reason for using Digimura as your substrate are:

* Fast drying times

* Paste the wall – not the product

* Scratch resistant

* Fabric backed

* Enhanced colour reproduction

* Washable

* Easy to apply

As you can see by the images, gold and silver are both remarkable finishes and can be to absolutely any design you wish.  Give your art department free reign and we will amaze you when we produce stunning results from their creative work.

The two designs below show the possibilities with a ready-pasted metallic base option, called Décor. This paper is 1050mm wide and using this substrate you can create bespoke wallpaper designs for domestic, commercial and retail clients using the range of embossed finishes that are available for premium effect.

The most important features of using Décor as your substrate are:

* Euro-class fire rated

* Textile backing ensures it is easily removed

* Solvent, latex and UV inkjet compatible.

* The paper has a vibrant print output

* Smooth finish

We can supply your designs on other substrates, equally wonderful to see.
The “4Digital” special print media of the “Metallics” group are characterised by their high-gloss metallic colours. These allow the printing of ‘metallic look’-colours and provide a spectacular finish. The fine embossing of the textiles provides the material with an additional, classy shiny effect

Technical information on these substrates are:

* High gloss metallic-surface: gold/silver/bronze

* Fine textile-surface

* Print width – 1050mm

* Weight – 315gsm

* Vinyl non-woven-wallpaper

* Suitable for Latex, (Eco) Solvent, UV

* Flame retardency – C-s2, d0

* Roll length – 50m

The Pearly effect substrate is slightly different but as you can see from the specifications below, it’s all in the weight and the finish.

* Shiny-surface: pearly effect, coated non-woven wallpaper

* Weight 230 gsm

* Print width – 1050mm

* Suitable for Latex, (Eco) Solvent, UV
HP Latex Certificate* Flame retardency – B-s1, d0* Roll length – 50m